Hong Kong Emergency Medical Services Corps (HKEMSC) Approved Hong Kong Chapter
國際創傷生命支援( International Trauma Life Support,簡稱ITLS)組織於1985年在美國成立,(即 BTLS 基本創傷生命支援術, 於 2005年易名)。今天, ITLS 全球擁有超過 75個分部,是國際公認的標準院前創傷護理課程, 由美國急症醫學院(ACEP)及國家院前急症醫生協會(NAEMSP)認可, ITLS專為醫護人員於院前評估和穩定創傷傷者而設計,為學員提供高級創傷處理技能訓練。其創傷救護技術被廣泛應用於院前急救、急症室搶救和病房內基礎治療。

2010 開始,香港專業護理學會轄下之香港緊急醫療服務團: Hong Kong Emergency Medical Services Corps (HKEMSC) 已成為國際創傷生命支援之香港分部 (Hong Kong Chapter)。
1. 認識創傷生命救援術
2. 認識導致創傷的受傷機制
3. 認識並練習為創傷傷患者進行的身體檢查
4. 決定創傷傷者處理的方法
5. 提供護理創傷傷患者的技術
1. 每位港幣 2000 元正 (基本課程)
2. 每位港幣 2000 元正 (高級課程)
1. 創傷生命救援術概念
2. 受傷機制
3. 創傷傷患者的身體檢查
4. 氣道處理
5. 胸部創傷
6. 休克處理
7. 腹部創傷及孕婦創傷
8. 頭部創傷
9. 脊椎創傷
10. 肢體創傷
11. 院前創傷要點
12. 燒傷
13. 兒童創傷
14. 老人創傷
1. 氣道處理
2. 快速營救技巧
3. 脊椎固定法
4. 評估技巧
5. 頸套應用
6. 交通事故模擬
7. 鏟床擔架應用;
8. 肢體展性夾板(sam splint)固定;
9. 牽引夾板(Traction splint)應用*;
10. 胸部減壓 *;
11. 骨內輸液 *.
12. 潮汐二氧化炭監察*
International Trauma Life Support for Emergency Care Providers, 8 Edition

Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) Course
1. 參與課程的醫生可獲持續醫學進修(CME)積分
2. 參與課程的護士可獲護士持續進修(CNE)積分
* 以上收費及課程編排會隨時調整,不會作另行通知
如遇懸掛黑色暴雨警告訊號、8 號或以上風球,當天課程將被取消,倘若黑色暴雨警告訊號或 8 號風球已於上午七時前除下,當天課程仍將如期舉行。
ITLS is a global non-profit organization. Founded in 1985 as Basic Trauma Life Support, ITLS adopted its new name in 2005. Today, ITLS has more than 75 chapters worldwide, is accepted internationally as the standard training course for prehospital trauma care which endorsed by American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and The National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP). These comprehensive courses are designed for providers who are first to evaluate and stabilize the trauma patient.

The ITLS Basic is a 2 days course which provides the core of knowledge and skills appropriate for all levels of Emergency personnel, including ambulanceman, nurses and first responders.

The ITLS Advanced is a 2 days course builds on this knowledge, emphasizing evaluation steps and sequencing as well as techniques for resuscitating and packaging patients. ITLS Advanced is appropriate for EMA, nurses, doctors and other advanced emergency medical service personnel.
Course content
Theory and case based learning (CBL) topics included:
a. Scene size up
b. Patient assessment
c. Airway management
d. Shock
e. Head, thorax, abdominal, spinal & extremities trauma
f. Burn
g. Special consideration for children, elderly and pregnancy
Hands-on skill station included:
a. Patient assessment and management;
b. Airway management;
c. Pelvic binder application
d. Manual grip for spinal immobilization;
e. Neck collar application
f. Traffic accident simulation with KED / Rapid extrication;
g. Scoop stretcher utilization;
h. Extremity samsplint immobilization;
i. Traction splint application*;
j. Chest decompression*;
k. Intraosseous Infusion*.
l. End tidal CO2 monitoring *
* Advanced course only
Teaching Media
Cantonese (supplemented with English terminologies). Course manuals will be in English.
ITLS for Emergency Care Providers (8th edition.) Pearson
John E.Campbell, MD, FACEP and Alabama Chapter, American College of Emergency Physicians
Upon successful completed both written and practical exam, participants will receive an ITLS International wallet card.
1. A written test - passing score 74% or above
2. Practical test - students requested to manage the scenario as a leader, at least an "adequate" rating on the patient assessment skills test.
The result will be announced at the end of the course, certificate will be issued at the end of the course upon the student successfully completed the course.
If the student passed the written test, but failed in the practical test, the remedial test will be held on the same day. If the student passes the practical test, but failed the written test, the remedial test can be taken. If the student failed both part, no remedial test will be offer.
ITLS Basic – Valid first Aid certificate (recognized by Hong Kong government) holder or practicing health care professional
ITLS Advance – Doctor, Nurses, NREMT, EMA 2 / 3, ITLS Basic / PHTLS provider , BTLS
Course fee (textbook included):
$2000 for Basic
$2000 for Advance
Quota per class:
Minimum 6; Maximum 20. Private booking is welcome.
(Course agenda can be tailor made upon request for private booking)

ITLS Hong Kong Chapter (Hong Kong Emergency Medical Services Corps) reserves the right on student selection and amends the details of the course without prior notices.
Frequent Ask Question
1. Is an ITLS Course the same as a BTLS Course?
Basic Trauma Life Support changed its name to International Trauma life Support in 2005. The ITLS course is the same level as the BTLS courses that our centre were previously offered.
2. Can a first responder take the Advanced ITLS Provider course?
It is recommended that first responder attend the basic provider course. The advanced course will only highlight the core and important points during case based learning (CBL), it will not have a lecture for each kind of trauma, strong background knowledge required.
3. Can PHTLS, BTLS holder take the advanced course directly?
We are welcome ITLS Basic, PHTLS, BTLS, TNCC, ATLS, ATCN, TNATC, BTCC ….etc related international recognized or our centre organized trauma course provider to take the advanced course directly.
4. How do I become an ITLS Instructor?
In order to become an ITLS instructor you first have to become an ITLS Provider. To qualify as an instructor candidate, you must achieve greater than 88% on the written test, “excellent” on patient assessment, and recommended as a potential instructor at faculty meeting.
5. What is the different between TNCC / ATCN / ATLS and ITLS / BTLS
ITLS focus on prehospital / limited resource trauma care. It is very suitable for doctor and nurses who dispatch to the scene, provide helping hands when off duties in prehospital environment, practice in rural area with limited resource and support or escort / transportation environment. TNCC / ATLS / ATCN focus on well supported in-hospital trauma care .
6. Do ITLS able connect to EMT (Emergency Medical Technicians) , HCA or EN related course?
No. ITLS is an international standard for prehospital trauma. It does not have any direct connection or collaboration with any EMT, EMA, HCA, EN or RN system. However, it is highly recommend NREMT should attend the course.
7. What are the instructors of ITLS course?
Those valid Hong Kong ITLS instructor are registered under ITLS and the course should be recorded by ITLS Hong Kong Chapter. The teaching team formed by emergency medical doctor, nurses, and senior staff / member of prehospital medical service department or organization with extensive prehospital trauma care experience.